Friday, February 13, 2009

Investools scam? yea or nea

I wanted to tell you my personal experience with Investools. I have been involved with stock trading for 30 years so I have some insight into the online stock trading industry. I saw the TV commercial like most of you and went to the free seminar. I assumed I would get an upsell. Which I did. I walked in and this well tanned gentleman form orlando spent 2 hours talking about stock option trading and specifically about buying spread options around earnings reports. Not a bad method, but one that can be hard to find opportunities in todays volatile stock market. You see, with the increased volatility of the recent stock market, options prices have increased therefore the price of a spread has increased. Now they promise to give you stock trading software that will find these opportunities for you. They don't mention that that will be an extra $3000 for that stock trading software!

Back to my experience, At the end of the two hour spiel on stock option trading and some scare tactics to make you feel like you know nothing about stock investing online, they get to the money question. If you decide in the next 30 minutes the price is $1995 for the weekend seminar. If you decide later, the price is $2995 . Quite a squeeze for a decision involving a large sum of money! I guess if for 2k you got everything you needed I would consider getting involved in the stock trading course of Investools. The scam comes in that they don't tell you about the "advanced" online stock trading and the $2500 stock trading software that you need to buy to really make the Investools course worthwhile. For $10-15,000 I can purchase a lot of stock market training on my own.

So is Investools a scam? You decide.

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