Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alternatives To Investools

I wanted to look at some of the alternatives to Investools. In my mind there are three major stock option training courses that have been mass marketed to the american public. They are Investools, Optionetics and BetterTrades. They all have two things in common, they are pricey (several thousand just to start) and will nickel and dime you with additional purchases. Maybe I should say arm and leg you to death. I would rate Optionetics as the best stock option training course of the three. it has the most impressive track record in my view. The next would be Investools and finally Bettertrades. It is just basic stock market software that is way overpriced. There is good stock software out there to be had but it is a very tricky thing to find the right one. That is not my expertise as I still like to be the major decision maker in a trade decision.

You can find some decent free stock option education material on the Internet. But, in general if it is free it not in-depth enough to get you to your final goal of wise trading. In an earlier post I mentioned the authors such as Darlene Nelson and John Murphy.......... reading some of there material is a good place to start.

Other stock market education material I would recommend are:

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