Monday, June 4, 2012

Investools review (Part 2)

If you are reading this page you have probably seen one of the infomercials put out by Investools. You are probably also wondering if you should take the plunge and give Investools a try. I want to reiterate that I do not think Investools is a scam, but at $2,000 - $20,000 it is vastly overpriced and there are better alternatives out there.

I have been a day and swing trader in the stock and bond market for the past 20+ years and I do beleive myself to have an acute mind to the field of investing. When you watch the infomercial they make it seem like making consistent money in the stock market only takes 5 minutes a day in the morning. Just switch on your computer and bingo the stock software just spits out winning stocks. If it were that easy, frankly they wouldn't be selling anything. They would just keep it for themselves. Investools makes money by selling (and upselling) investor education material.

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Investools starts out with the $2,000 weekend seminar and ony ramps up in various levels to a "PH.D. program" for an additional $15,000 . They also operate there own brokerage company, so they make money there as well. Check out there parent company, Think or Swim (ticker SWIM) . You will find some interesting things out.

I hope I have helped with some of our questions about Investools!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Investools Review

I want to start out by saying that I don't think Investools is a scam. I do think that it is overpriced for what you are getting! For between $2,000 and $15,000 you would expect a Stock trading education that would blow your doors off. In these tough financial times, that is quite a bit of money! You have to make a lot of trades to break even. I attended an Investools seminar several years ago and was turned off by all the hype and up selling that went on. I have been in the stock market activity for over 20 years now and I am always looking for ways to improve trading acumen. After the seminar, while I did learn some things, I felt I could have found the education for a much cheaper price elsewhere.

I currently use two stock services to nail down the stocks which are ripe to trade. I use's MARKETCLUB software and a stock educational series SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL TRADERS to find money making trades. Below I outline the features of INVESTOOLS, MARKETCLUB.COM and SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL TRADERS. I hope you find it useful.


A. What Investools teaches is not actually stock trading, but stock OPTION trading. There is a big difference. Stock options are inherently much more risky because of there leverage. Be careful, this is where the sharks swim.

B. While for $2,000 the seminar is insightful at times, it is way overpriced and filled with upsell pitches. Upsells include 7 step investimg formula, Advanced stock option training, and the grandaddy of them all the $20,000 PH.D Program.

C. Limited access to there Trading rooms, but you must pay extra once the subscription expires.


A. Have been a market leader for over 20 years. It is where I first started my stock trading education 20 years ago.

B. Stock Scanner to quickly find winning stocks in all equities, futures and Forex markets. Check out a feature called Recent Trade Triangles". This my favorite tool to find good stocks.

C. Trade School - Think of it as a trading university. They have videos, mp3's and pdf seminars on topics that are too many to list. I think this is an awesome feature. I can't say enough about the stock educational resources found here!

D. Chart portfolio, News scan, Alerts and Backtesting are some of the additional features of MARKETCLUB.
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E. It has a 50 Top Trending Stocks of today's market for FREE

F. Cost is moderate at $50 per month, but I promise once you try it you will NEVER LEAVE.

A. This is a good product to get started with. They provide winning trading strategies for consistent stock market profits.
B. Generates profitable winning trade ideas.
C. Tells you when to buy and sell a stock.
D. Finds profitable trades in any market condition.
E. Low trading capital required!

This is the method used to win the CNBC Portfolio challenge for a $500,000 prize. I use the details to verify some of my results from the MARKETCLUB software. I think two heads are better than one in this instance.

I hope that you found my review of Investools helpful and informative.

Have a great day and happy trading!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is the stock market running out of steam?

Hello everyone. I found a nice video analyzing the current state of the stock market. In fact the site has dozens of good video that are updated frequently. I find the site to be a much more thorough and cheaper alternative to the materials Investools offers. They are experts in the field and have been leaders for as long as I can remember.

Would you like to get a trend analysis of a stock you have been watching? Should you buy, sell or hold Apple (AAPL) right now? How about the breaking edge technology of talking charts? Talking charts will instantly analyze the stock chart you ask of it! I think that is groundbreaking stuff.

Anyways check them out, they offer a bunch of free tools and tutorial videos.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Alternative to Investools

Hello everyone! I hope everyone made some nice money in the recent stock market rally. My personal best was with Fedex (bought down near $33) I will be keeping an eye on this stock in the future. I will buy call options on dips as this is a company that will be much higher in 5 years. They are in no danger of going out of business.

If you read throughout my blog you will see that while I do think Investools does provide quality information, there are better alternatives to the prohibitive price tag of $3.000-$15,000. I would start out with some of the books and software you will see under my picture in the side bar. These are much less expensive and equally as valuable.

Have a great day!