Thursday, January 29, 2009

TD Ameritrade to pay $6,400 for each Investools custumer

I was perusing the documentation of the pending sale of Investools (SWIM) for $606 million and one figure jumped out at me. TD Ameritrade is paying about $6400 for each of the current 94,000 Investools customers. That to me seems high, but another fact that jumped at me was the average customer trades 450 times a year. That is about 40 trades per month.

That should give you some insight as to what to expect if you decide to become a customer. As I have mentioned before, be prepared to fork over some hefty cash to the Investools scam. Money which I think can be found elsewhere on the web for much cheaper. I plan on reviewing my books overnight and look at some good authors I would recommend in my next post.

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